About Voc Rehab UK

Experience. With more than twenty years of combined experience in the vocational rehabilitation business, our knowledge and expertise ensure that you and your clients are in good hands.

Specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Working with clients with a wide variety of physical, cognitive and psychological impairments, Voc Rehab UK provides independent vocational services for the legal profession, injury insurers, income protection insurers and rehabilitation case managers.

Rehabilitation and Litigation. High quality, evidence based assessments and reports under the Rehabilitation Code 2015 and Expert Witness reports compliant with Civil Procedure Rules.

Income Protection Services. Professional vocational services for income protection insurers and their policyholders.

Best possible outcome. Shifting from the medical rehabilitation model to the functional model, our aim is to progress cases to the best possible outcomes.

Focusing on abilities, not limitations

A fundamental principle of our approach to Vocational Rehabilitation is that we concentrate on our clients’ personal abilities and their strengths, rather than the limitations and impairments, brought about by sickness or injury

Being in work is good for people

Whether an individual has lost their job due to a life changing injury or is absent from work due to health impairment, Voc Rehab UK is able to provide a bespoke rehabilitation service, to assist with their transition back to work.

Injury clients. Voc Rehab UK evaluates clients’ functional abilities, education and employment history and transferable skills and provides recommendation on their potential capacity for work and suitable occupations.

Absent employees. Voc Rehab UK helps absent employees return to their workplace in a safe and timely manner. We provide “hands on support”, prepare tailored return to work plans, recommend workplace adjustments and liaise with treading practitioners.

Our vocational and functional assessments are tailored to the clients’ needs, as well as the referrers’ instructions

Injury Assessments

Application of the latest vocational and functional tools, software and technology Identifying suitable occupations and evaluating work capacity.

Evaluation of functional abilities and limitations (physical and/or cognitive). Identification of suitable occupations based on objectively assessed function and in line with the client’s interests, transferable skills, employment history and educational background.

Evaluation of transferable skills, work history, education and interests. Ascertaining suitable careers and work options, based on the client's reported situation, as well as the information that is available.

Evaluation of functional abilities and limitations (physical and/or cognitive). Commenting on suitable work type. Establishing potential capacity for a specific job role.

Our Service Standards ensure the most cost-effective solutions and a speedy delivery of services

Back To Work

Being absent from the workplace through sickness or injury can have a detrimental effect on a person’s self-confidence.

Getting back to work may seem like an overwhelming task, particularly if the individual also has to cope with residual impairments of their illness or injury.

Effective vocational rehabilitation can help a person to achieve their career and return to work goals by providing practical, as well as motivational support.

Vocational rehabilitation creates an incremental, step-by-step plan, designed to break return to work outcome into smaller, more manageable goals.




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Voc Rehab UK is a trading name of Eclectic Human Solutions Ltd, a company registered in England. Company number 9329715.

About Voc Rehab UK | Specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Services With more than twenty years of combined experience in the vocational rehabilitation business, our knowledge and experience ensures that you and your clients are in good hands.