Income Protection

Income Protection

It is never too early to introduce vocational rehabilitation to the discussions with an absent employee. Early intervention helps the employee and the employer in the workplace and more broadly, it helps to mitigate income protection claims.

Support can be offered to policyholders within days of an employee’s absence and this is the very best way to provide for a safe and timely return to work.

Income Protection

Once the deferred period is over, we can provide professional claim management support to insurers by providing a range of effective services to suit the needs of each individual case and policy definition. These services include transferable skills analysis, functional capacity evaluations and cognitive abilities screening.

For those claimants whose circumstances change and who may be able to return to work, we will liaise with their employers and treating practitioners, to ensure that the proposed graduated return to work planning is suited to the employee’s health limitations.

Specialist Vocational Services for Income Protection Insurers and their Policyholders are now provided as a standalone speciality



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