Expert Witness

Independent Vocational Services For Litigation

High quality, evidence based Expert Witness assessments and reports, compliant with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure rules.


Reports are prepared on single, joint or SJE instructions.


A number of assessment options are available to suit the specific instruction.

Expert Reports

  • Assessing Claimants’ physical and / or cognitive functional abilities, as well as their limitations
  • Clarifying Claimants’ capacity for work
  • Identifying potentially suitable occupations and estimating the range of potential earnings
  • Commenting on Claimants’ chances to secure employment in their geographical location, taking into account their limitations
Expert Witness

The final piece of the jigsaw?

After months (years?) of medical interventions and reports, there comes a time when an important question needs to be asked:

How does the medical diagnosis and the Claimant’s residual limitations impact their occupational prospects?

A professionally undertaken vocational and functional assessment will consider the medical diagnosis together with the Claimant’s assessed functional abilities (and limitations). The subsequent report will provide the final analysis that will help the Court understand by how much the Claimant’s future work opportunities have been compromised.

“I undertake comprehensive vocational and functional assessments. In my duty to the Court, I prepare detailed, high quality reports, which are independent and impartial. The reports provide clarity and evidenced based opinion on the Claimant’s situation with regards to their future vocational potential.” - Katya Halsall



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