Income Protection Assessments are provided for Income Protection insurers.

We offer early intervention support for Income Protection insurance policyholders and claims management support from a vocational angle.

Early intervention: working directly with your policyholders:

Work Ability Assessments

We offer help for Income Protection policyholders to manage workplace sickness absence.  An absent employee does not have to be 100% fit to return to work. Not being pro-active and waiting until the end of the deferred period to notify the insurer about the absence can result in long-term absence and, subsequently, an unnecessary claim.

Work Ability Assessments cover:

  • Employees current status evaluation
  • Return to work barriers identification
  • Providing sickness absence solutions
  • Advising employers on health condition management
  • Devising Graduated Return to Work Plans
  • Liaising with treating practitioners to ensure employee’s safe and timely return to work
  • Providing reasonable adjustments advice
  • Ensuring the return to work planning is suitable for all parties


Claims Management: working with your claims teams

Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA)

TSA is a necessary Income Protection claims management took for “any occupation” policies. TSA identifies alternative, suitable roles for the individual other than the one they are employed in.


Work Ability Assessments

Work Ability Assessments are provided for those cases where the Income Protection claim had been accepted and an individual’s condition has improved. An absent employee does not have to be 100% fit to return to work and they may be able to return to work with the appropriate support.

Offering proportionate benefits for a policyholder while the employee gradually builds their working hours is proven to be a great support to both, the Income Protection policyholder and their employee.


Vocational Triage

We also offer Vocational Triage, to help Income Protection claims teams establish which cases may be suitable for vocational rehabilitation and return to work support.

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Every assessment that we undertake includes recommendations to move the case forwards to the best possible outcome.

Voc Rehab UK provides comprehensive, high quality assessments and reports. We Invest in modern vocational and functional technology and this enables us to maintain our position as the only dedicated and specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Company in the United Kingdom.

We also offer dedicated vocational case management