Voc Rehab UK is a specialist provider of vocational rehabilitation services. Getting people back to work is our principle business. Vocational Rehabilitation is what we do – and we do it well.

The unique feature of our approach to vocational rehabilitation is that we concentrate on our clients’ personal abilities and strengths, rather than the limitations and impairments, brought about by sickness or injury.

We believe the focus of vocational rehabilitation should be on the clients’ function, rather than their diagnosis. This strong, positive attitude enables us to deliver successful return to work outcomes.

Our experienced team provides independent, impartial assessments and reports for injury clients, Income Protection insurers and employers.

Industry leading service standards

  • We acknowledge all referrals within 24 hours of receipt
  • We contact the customer and client within 24 hours of receiving the case referral
  • Our reports are prepared within 5 working days from date of the assessment
  • We do not charge for our time when travelling to clients to conduct an assessment

Voc Rehab UK invests in the best professional development and the most up to date vocational functional technology. We utilise the latest testing techniques, to maintain our position as the only dedicated specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Company in the United Kingdom.

Why choose Voc Rehab UK?

The aim of our vocational interventions is to progress each case forwards in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

All of our assessments are arranged in a timely manner and the subsequent reports are prepared within days. Return to work barriers are evaluated and pro-active recommendations are provided as to how to overcome these barriers.

Our customers can be assured that they will receive an independent, impartial and professional service.