Voc Rehab UK is a specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Services provider.

An insurance claim will provide financial support for those people who have suffered traumatic, life changing injuries. In addition, by considering the claimants’ functional abilities, rather than their physical, psychological and cognitive limitations, insurers can offer opportunities to improve their situation. Not many people would regain their pre-injury fitness levels, however, many people can and are able to work, provided that a suitable work type is identified.

Voc Rehab UK identifies suitable careers and return to work support for claimants who are unable to work in their pre-injury role. Our positive, pro-active approach is based on focusing on the claimants’ personal abilities and strengths, rather than their limitations and impairments, brought about by sickness or injury.

Whilst it is important to take the medical diagnosis into account, we believe that the focus of vocational rehabilitation should be on evaluating the injured individual’ functional abilities, in order to identify suitable alternative careers. This approach enables us to devise recommendations based on what claimants can and are able to do.

Focusing on the claimants’ function means concentrating on their abilities, rather than their limitations.

Whether an individual has lost their job or is still employed, we are able to provide a bespoke vocational rehabilitation service to help transition them back to work. We offer assessments in accordance with the Rehabilitation Code as well CPR Part 35.

Industry leading service standards

  • We acknowledge all referrals within 24 hours of receipt
  • We contact the customer and client within 24 hours of receiving the case
  • Our reports are prepared within 5 working days from date of the assessment
  • We do not charge for travel time to/from assessments

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