Meet Eclectic Human Solutions

Our Leadership Team:

Katya: Director and founder of Eclectic Human Solutions

Katya’s background is in education and disability management. Her experience involves working with insurers (including personal injury and Income Protection insurers), the legal profession and employers.

Katya developed Eclectic Human Solutions Ltd as a Specialist Vocational Rehabilitation company, which has established a reputation for delivering excellent services.

A unique feature of Katya’s approach to vocational rehabilitation is that she focuses on her clients’ abilities and function – rather than just their limitations and the medical diagnosis. This positive approach enables Katya to deliver successful return to work outcomes.

Tony: Operations and Business Development Director
Tony has considerable business experience in this country and abroad. He has developed a number of successful businesses and companies from ground zero.

Tony’s expertise is in creating systems and processes that facilitate the growth of a business in an organised and controlled manner.

Tony is in charge of our operations, development and training.

Our Professional Team:

We have a number of associate Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants delivering a wide range of services to our customers.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation services are delivered by a team of highly skilled and experienced associate Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants.

The team of our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants is comprised of Occupational Psychologists, Functional Evaluators, Organisational Psychologists and Certified Disability Management Professionals.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants demonstrate a unique, “person-centred” style and have a proven track record in assisting individuals to remain in work or start new employment.

Our team delivers services for insurers (injury and Income Protection), the legal profession and employers. All our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants have a wealth of experience in working with people with wide range of disabilities, from brain and orthopaedic injuries to mental health issues.

Our team of Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants is skilled in delivering assessments for those clients who are no longer able to engage in their pre-injury / pre-illness role as well as those clients who require sickness absence management and job retention support. They are highly experienced in vocational case management and are able to motivate our clients to achieve their career goals.


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Katya Halsall, CDMP


Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant

Sickness Absence Manager

Mathesons Trained Functional Capacity Evaluator

Eclectic Human Solutions


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M: 07854 174 683



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