Workplace Health Condition Management Plans: a useful tool for supporting injured or ill workers

Yesterday, I visited a small but very dynamic and busy Rehabilitation Case Management company in the South of England.

As Eclectic Human Solutions is the leading provider of Vocational Rehabilitation services, I was invited to talk to the team of Case Managers about “Integrating Vocational Rehabilitation and Good Quality Case Management – What is Good Practice?” – something I am very passionate about.

Although our companies have been collaboratively working together for a while, it was good to exchange ideas and share thoughts about how to deliver the best rehabilitation services for our clients.

The cases we are typically dealing with are the serious injury cases, and our clients have complex rehabilitation needs.

Whilst the Rehabilitation Case Management company provides quality case management, to ensure the clients’ health improvement, Eclectic Human Solutions provides return to work support and Career Redirection services.

During our meeting we discussed the clients’ biggest return to work barriers, and one of the Case Managers mentioned that:

“Employers’ actions can be a big barrier. Employers may be not aware of how to help the affected individual with their return to work”.

It was interesting that this point was brought up, for two reasons:

· firstly, it is very true that employers are often unsure which workplace adjustments the individual may require

· secondly, the individual may not always be able to communicate their needs to employer. This could happen because:

  • the individual may not want to talk about their disability; 
  • or they may not be able to present the information in the right format;
  • or they may be lacking confidence in talking to their employer; 
  • or, when the individual changes a job / Line Manager, they may not wish to explain their situation time and time again.

This is when a Workplace Health Condition Management Plan can be very useful.

The Workplace Health Condition Management Plan is a short document that outlines the client’s abilities and skills, as well as the workplace accommodations and adjustments required. The Workplace Health Condition Management Plan is an adaptable flexible document, to be reviewed and amended during the workplace progress reviews between the individual and their employer.

The Workplace Health Condition Management Plan is a useful tool to apply in the return to work process. It can be used alongside with other support measures, such as:

  • Graduated Return to Work Plans
  • Return to Work Meetings
  • Case management
  • Workplace adjustments reviews and negotiations 

Eclectic Human Solutions tends to prepare Workplace Health Condition Management Plans for most of our clients – whether they are still employed and have a job to go back to, or whether they are still looking for a jobs.

This is because we want to ensure that our clients are able to enter workplace with confidence and without having to explain their health condition and ask for help. Our clients and their employers can simply use the Workplace Health Condition Management Plans for discussions.

Workplace Health Condition Management Plan can be a useful tool to ensure workplace support for someone returning to work following an injury or illness.
Katya Halsall
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