Our independent impartial Work Ability Assessments help employers to identify and evaluate their employees’ return to work barriers.

An absent employee does not have to be 100% fit to return to work. Our timely assessments and the subsequent well-planned support helps to manage short-term sickness absence, prevent long-term absence and also enable a struggling employee to retain their job.

Our experienced Vocational Consultants are trained to:

  • Prepare comprehensive reports providing absence management solutions
  • Devise Graduated Return to Work plans tailored to your employee’s needs
  • Ensure return to work support is right for both, the employee concerned, as well as your business
  • Provide guidance to help you manage various health conditions in the workplace

Why choose Voc Rehab UK?

  • We provide independent impartial services
  • We focus on your employees’ abilities, not their limitations
  • We identify return to work barriers and develop bespoke solutions designed to progress each case forward to the best possible outcome
  • We fully engage with employers and offer problem solving solutions, rather than simply stating the problems