Sickness absence costs UK companies billions every year. How much does it cost your organisation?

Our independent impartial Work Ability Assessments help employers to identify and evaluate their employees’ return to work barriers.

An absent employee does not have to be 100% fit to return to work. Our timely assessments and the subsequent well-planned support helps to manage short-term sickness absence, prevent long-term absence and also enable a struggling employee to retain their job.

Whilst Occupational Health helps employers to keep their employees healthy and safe and manage any risks in the workplace, our Vocational Rehabilitation services deal with all aspects of sickness absence management.

Our experienced Vocational Consultants are trained to:

  • Prepare comprehensive reports providing absence management solutions
  • Devise Graduated Return to Work plans tailored to your employee’s needs
  • Ensure return to work support is right for both, the employee concerned, as well as your business
  • Provide guidance to help you manage various health conditions in the workplace

Other services for employers:

  • Outplacement services: preparing your employees for redundancies by planning their future career
  • Training for managers: Stress Awareness and Absence Management

Voc Rehab UK offers:

  • Independent and impartial services
  • Focusing on employees’ abilities – not their limitations
  • Identifying return to work barriers and devising return to work plans
  • Fully engaging all parties in the return to work process
  • Collaborating with your Occupational Health provider
  • Liaising with employee’s treating practitioners

Why choose Voc Rehab UK?

The aim of our vocational interventions is to progress each case forwards in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

All of our assessments are arranged in a timely manner and the subsequent reports are prepared within days. Return to work barriers are evaluated and pro-active recommendations are provided as to how to overcome these barriers.

Our customers can be assured that they will receive an independent, impartial and professional service.