Eclectic Human Solutions are the only dedicated and specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Company in the United Kingdom. Vocational Rehabilitation is what we do best and hence our logo… “We get people back to work.”
We developed three bespoke assessments for our injury clients. 
1.     Career Redirection
“Which careers may be suitable for an individual to consider following injury or illness?”
Aim: Career Redirection Assessments are used to identify and plan alternative career paths. The report includes detailed planning to ascertain the level of support that the individual will require to help them become a confident and independent jobseeker.
About: The potential alternative career options are identified based on the individual’s employment and education history, their skills, interests and local labour market evaluation. 
2.     Functional Performance Screening

What can the individual do? What abilities and limitations can be objectively determined following an injury or illness?”
Aim: Functional Performance Screening is used to objectively identify and evaluate the individual’s functional abilities and limitations in order progress their return to work outcomes.
About: Functional Performance Screening provides an objective baseline measurement of physical abilities. The Screening evaluates an individual’s ability to meet the job demands for a specific role, or their suitability for alternative roles. The Screening can identify the physical job demands that are suited to the individual, as well as determining tasks that would be unsuitable. It also provides vocational rehabilitation recommendations geared to move the case forward, towards a successful return to work outcome.
3.     Complete Functional Career Redirection Profile

How to determine suitable jobs and roles for an individual who has been permanently impaired following injury or illness, based on their assessed function?”
Aim: Combining a Career Redirection assessment together with Functional Performance Screening enables return to work recommendations that are based on the objectively measured abilities together with a detailed career exploration. The combined report will evaluate the individual’s functional abilities in order progress their return to work and will include detailed planning to ascertain the level of support that the injured individual will require to help them become a confident and independent jobseeker.
About: A Full Career Redirection Functional Profile Report is generated after the subject individual has had both Career Redirection and Functional Performance Screening assessments. This report includes a number of alternative career options deemed suitable for the individual based on their assessed functional abilities and limitations.
Our assessments do not simply outline the client’s limitations. Every assessment that we undertake is geared towards a return to work outcome and includes recommendations to move the case forward.
What our customers say:
“Your Career Redirection Assessment report is really good. It is extremely thorough and spells out every option as far as Mr Smith’s prospects for work are concerned, whilst being realistic as to the barriers that he faces”.  Rehabilitation Case Manager
Eclectic Human Solutions’ report was expert and comprehensive, utilising what appears to be market leading computer software to generate careers using identified transferable skills, but moreover advocating early interaction so as to keep the injured party motivated and focused on a return to work.”
 Claims Handler, Insurance Company
“Improving the quality of life for my clients is a fundamental part of the overall rehabilitation process. Returning a person back to a suitable working environment based on their functional abilities gives them a much needed confidence boost.”
Solicitor, Personal Injury
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