It is an amazing feeing – to receive a card like this from one of my regular customers, regarding a client we had worked together with.

This is because to me, there is a real person behind all this hard work that we call Vocational Rehabilitation; someone with a life-changing injury, someone who had no qualifications or work skills, someone who did not know what work they could and able to do.

This someone, Jack, is now able look into his future with confidence, doing the job he loves and providing for his family.

Jack had a great Rehabilitation Case Manager who coordinated his rehab process. My job was to help him to identify a suitable career, re-train and enter full time employment.

It is incredible to think how much Jack’s life quality of life has improved because he is now able to work.

Jane – thank you so much for recognising my work and recommending me and my company Eclectic Human Solutions.

Katya Halsall, CDMP
Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant
Sickness Absence Manager
Mathesons Trained Functional Capacity Evaluator
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