In the competitive Income Protection market, policyholders are always looking for the best value products. To help Income Protection insurers secure new customers and retain existing contracts when it is time for a policy renewal, we provide a wide range of vocational rehabilitation services.

Working directly with your policyholders:

  • Early intervention approach: this service is provided before the end of the deferred period. Work Ability assessments cover all aspects of return to work planning, working closely with your policyholder and their employee
  • Case Management
  • Facilitating and managing return to work plansrapidssl-logo

To make a referral for a Work Ability Assessment CLICK HERE

Working with your claims team:

  • Work Ability Assessments for long-terms sickness absence cases
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Vocational Triage, to determine of claims would benefit from return to work supportrapidssl-logo

To make a referral for a Work Ability Assessment CLICK HERE

To make a referral for a Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA) Assessment CLICK HERE

Why choose Voc Rehab UK?

The aim of our vocational interventions is to progress each case forwards in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

All of our assessments are arranged in a timely manner and the subsequent reports are prepared within days. Return to work barriers are evaluated and pro-active recommendations are provided as to how to overcome these barriers.

Our customers can be assured that they will receive an independent, impartial and professional service.